All my fav productS + how i STYLE MY HAIR



Lately I’ve been using the honey and apricot (orange-y smells are my fav!) shampoo and conditioner from the brand “Hair Food.” It’s only $10 for a huge bottle and lasts forever! I normally order it from Ulta or grab it at Target when I’m there! I’ve found that it really helps to moisturize my dry, dull winter hair! I also use the purple shampoo from “O&M” once or twice a week to brighten my blonde and take out any brassy tones. My stylist shared it with me and it’s the best one I’ve ever used! I haven’t really ever found a brand that really showed a difference until now so I’m hooked.


These are my usual after-shower products to put in my hair. Oribe and R + Co are my all-time favorite haircare brands as of right now and they are well worth the price! After I hop out of the shower I ALWAYS do a leave-in conditioner/heat protectant before brushing it out with a WET BRUSH. LADIES. USE A WET BRUSH. My hair rips out/gets tangled SO easily and this does wonders for my brushing time. I also spray in a thickening spray before I blow-dry my hair. My hair is pretty fine but I have a ton of it, so I don’t really need thickening spray, but I like the way it gives my hair some volume and more fullness. Plus it smells AMAZING.

For Styling:

These are my top tier, all-time favorite products but they are pricey! I love my cheap $16 wand from TJMaxx still, but the higher quality items work more efficiently and are better for your hair in the long run! Plus, they need replacing FAR less often. One thing I know is worth it for a fact, the Dyson hair dryer. Game. Changer. Oribe dry texture spray is a must-have item for me. It smells AMAZING and the bottle lasts forever. My curls don’t feel complete without it! The Dry Bar texturizing spray and dry conditioner are also amazing!

dirty hair? no prob:

This Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-powder is the only dry shampoo that I’ve ever liked. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy and wet like most spray dry shampoos do and I LOVE the way it gives volume to your hair. Plus it smells amazing. I’m a serial washer so my hair isn’t dirty often, but when it is this stuff is my go-to. It’s also great after styling for some extra texture on clean hair!

how I curl my hair:

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How to style dirty hair (i mean really dirty):

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First and foremost. Finding the right stylist is KEY to the look and overall health of your hair. I’ve gone through a long hair journey for the last three or four years going blonder from being a dark brunette and I’ve just now found the perfect stylist. She just moved here from Cali and she is the best thing thats ever happened to my hair! You can check Dani out on Instagram here. If you live in Nashville, hit her up. She’s an angel, both with hair and in personality. When it comes to finding the right stylist, TRUST is huge. You have to not only trust that your stylist is going to do a good job, but also that they’re going to listen to your hair and change it however slowly or quickly it takes and give you the proper guidance to maintain the health of your hair. If you’re a dark brunette and your stylist tells you to slowly transition to blonde. LISTEN TO HIM/HER. They know what they’re talking about. Your dream hair takes time. Unless you’re born with it, and if that’s the case, we all hate you. Haha. Second, PINTEREST! Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest. I get almost all of my inspiration from here and it’s my go-to place to figure out what in the world to do with my hair and how to explain it to my girl Dani! You can follow my hair board here for hair inspiration. And third, for me personally, I love textured layers, balayage, and the beachy lived in, laid back look when styling. Balayage is the easiest to maintain over time for me personally. It looks natural, sunkissed, and grows out well.