20 ITEMS UNDER $50 | #NSALE 2017


I have been browsing Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goodies all day and I have to say, I am so excited about this sale! Honestly, at first, I was a little skeptical that this sale would be that good. I really thought it was all hype and too good to be true, but I was proven wrong today as I scrolled and found so many amazing deals on items that I am so excited to add to my closet.

I just want to add really quick, I feel like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale gave me the freedom to get really nice, really great quality clothing that I wouldn't normally be able to justify buying or wouldn't normally be able to afford. At the end of the day, this blog isn't about consumerism or having a ton of nice things. I love the styling and even the modeling that I get to do when I blog. It's been my passion for as long as I can remember and I love that blogging has created a world where I can do both together while also inspiring and developing relationships with you all! I love that I get to share this sale with you because I know a lot of you are in the same boat as I am! We all want to feel cute and confident, even with a tight budget, and I love taking advantage of a good sale! So let's get to my top 20 under $50 of the #NSALE! You can find all of my picks below with their pre-anniversary sale prices!

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If you purchase anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and you came from here or my instagram, tag me in your pics! I'd love to see them! 🤗 Happy shopping everyone!