I KNOW WE ALL DO THIS: you pick something out to wear and you just know you're gonna be super uncomfortable in it. Then all day you're uncomfortable and thinking to yourself "I knew I was gonna feel like this, WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF." That is me on the regular, so I decided to dress this outfit down. I am a casual girl all the way. For every day, I don't want to be uncomfortable. Lets be real, I never want to be uncomfortable so I tend to steer towards things I feel trendy, cute, AND comfy in. This Topshop dress is so chic and has a cool neoprene feel so it would be easy to dress up too!

I also totally believe in good accent staples. Gucci is obviously a huge accent piece, but so are these Target sneakers that are literally $16. Staple doesn't always mean expensive! Also, this t-shirt slip dress situation from last year staying in trend for this year is my JAM.  

THIS DRESS IS ON SALE IN YELLOW FOR $36! Check it out here!


Tee: $30

Dress: $75 or shop the yellow one for $36

Sneakers: $16.99


Photos by @jaydaiye