Abercrombie Sale Picks | Abercrombie Holiday Gift Ideas

Okay, so when I was younger I used to go onto all these websites- Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, etc. and I would screenshot all the clothes I wanted and then put them together in styled outfits in a Word Document as my "wishlist" 😂 True story. I guess I was Reward Style collage-ing before it even existed. In reality, we shopped at Kohl's because we couldn't afford the clothes I actually wanted (in hindsight it's cringy how obsessed I was with everything Hollister 😂) Now as a 20 something the obsession with Abercrombie continues...

I know what some of y'all are thinking... Abercrombie? Are we 14? Hear me out! Abercrombie is so much like Madewell. They have great clothes that are great quality AND they've been killing their sales lately. Before you knock them, just try it out! I promise you will not be disappointed! Also, this isn't sponsored or anything- I'm just a true 14 year old fan girl. 😂 I've rounded up a few of my favorite things for y'all that are on sale right now for 50% off! (excluding my favorite slipper booties) These are great staples to add to your own wardrobe, or great clothing gift ideas for Christmas!

  1. Mock Neck Sweater | Perfect winter staple & these are super cozy!
  2. Flannel BF Pajama Bottoms (come in pants for $19, or shorts for $13) | I love PJ'S. I'm wearing my buffalo check pajama set as I type this. These are a must have winter item for me because I'm always FREEZING!!
  3. Cozy Boyfriend Flannels | These are such good quality and such a good price! They come in SO many different colors so they can appeal to a lot of different tastes!
  4. Fuzzy Slipper Booties | Just had to add these because I own them and love them!
  5. Fierce Body Spray | This stuff is just so good... The body mist is the perfect amount of scent, I think the actual perfume is too strong!
  6. Distressed Denim | If y'all are fans of Caitlin Covington like I am, these look almost identical to the distressed denim she always wears at a fraction of the price! Score! And the other pair are an identical knock off of the Levi's everyone has!
  7. The Perfect Lace Cami | This cami is so pretty! The perfect staple to layer under cardigans!
  8. Down Stuffed Winter Coat | Winter coats are so expensive, this one normally retails for $120!
  9. One other item that isn't pictured is their perfume tester for only $18! It comes with 10 mini perfumes to test which one you like the best! This is a fantastic stocking stuffer gift!

I can't be the only one who thought I HAD to have all the name brands when I was younger. It makes me laugh now looking back. What are some funny obsessions you had in middle school?! Comment them down below!