Hey y'all! This blog post is going to be a little different than normal. Typically I would talk about Christmas gifting or fall and winter outfits or the best deals this weekend, but instead, we're gonna get a little more personal! I'm going to answer five questions about myself so y'all can get to know me a little bit better! I feel a huge disconnect between me and all of the people who support me and I really want to close that gap and be real friends! Feel free to leave any questions that you have on this post and I would love to answer them, too!

1. Where are you from?

I am from a really small town in the middle of nowhere, Iowa. I'm pretty sure there's a total of 3,000 people there, and like, two stoplights in the whole town. I went to the city pretty rarely growing up. There was a lot of corn, and a lot of farms, and a lot of finding creative ways to have fun. There were definitely both upsides and downsides to growing up the way that I did. Our generation didn't grow up on technology until we were older, so I feel like back then it was pretty normal to grow up the way I did, but I'm sure now I would be miserable. Haha. 

2. What were you like growing up?

I was SO SHY. I was always very self-aware and I feel like I felt like a grown up in my head. I was very timid and quiet and always followed all the rules and I was SUPER bullied. I can't believe I'm telling the internet this, but this one girl growing up used to TORTURE me. I cried every single day. She called me "dogface" and would do the most horrible things to me. I'm pretty sure I had like 4 friends my entire childhood. 😂 

3. What is one of your biggest dreams?

I have a few! I have this secret dream to be interviewed on podcasts. 😂 I don't know why- I think it's because it means I've done something that can help other people and that people want to hear about. Haha. Another dream of mine is to be a full-time blogger. I've never loved something so much or worked so hard at something and I would love for it to be my career. 😊 I also have this huge secret dream to be in women's ministry one day. I have this whole plan, don't worry y'all will see. 😊

4. What's something you would rate 10/10?

Oh gosh, so many things. Matt Chandler. It Cosmetics. Clinique's moisturizing gel (y'all, this stuff makes your skin feel like a baby's bottom!) This Is Us. YOUNGER, omg I LOVE that show. Coffee in the morning (I use the Private Selection medium-dark roast in my Keurig with almond milk hazelnut creamer and Vital Proteins collagen peptides! SO GOOD.) Dry Bar's dry conditioner. The Marc Jacobs perfume. My boyfriend and his music (had to 😏💕) I could go on!

5. Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog for a few reasons. I was a full-time model and I really loved my job, but there were also so many parts of it that I didn't love. I loved the styling side of my job, too and I wanted the freedom to be able to do both! I wanted a platform to share the Lord with women and to share true beauty and confidence and all these things that the Word teaches me and as a model, I couldn't really do that how I wanted or felt called. I guess I did it because if there were another me out there, I would love something like this blog, something I could relate to and that helped me see things from a different perspective and that inspired me and that helped me see who I was in the Lord. I didn't have any encouragement growing up, I didn't have anyone pushing me or on my team or anyone really there for me, and I definitely didn't have anyone sharing the Lord with me, so I wanted to be that person for other girls. 💕

Ah, this is so fun sharing myself with y'all! I feel like we're real friends!! 😊 Thanks for taking the time to read this and feel free to answer any of the same questions in the comments- I would love for this to be a two-way street! 😊

XO, Sam