Holiday Decor On A Budget | Holiday Decor 2017


Fa la la la lets talk holiday decor

Over the weekend my roomie and I went Elf style "decorate the whole department store in snowflakes" Christmas decor cray-cray. Our goal was not to spend a TON of money so I was inspired to share with y'all some cute holiday decor ideas for the girl on a budget! (aka me) 😎 

I love Christmas. I love the lights, I love the hot cocoa, I love the meaning behind it, I love cheesy Christmas movies and holiday traditions and Christmas music. You name it, I love it. It just makes me so happy! Getting into some cozy pj's with some hot cocoa and turning on the tree and the fireplace and watching elf sounds like the night of my dreams. I get not everyone is into Christmas, or into decorating more importantly, but I like subtle details and that's exactly what I picked out for y'all! The biggest takeaway from my decorating experience this year is that a little goes a long way. A few key pieces really do the trick and make your home feel cozy for the holidays! Also, comment down below some of your favorite Christmas movies! I'm gonna need a long list for my trip home in a couple weeks! (For every night of December, lets be real)



Throw blankets:


Christmas trinkets:



Some of my favorite diy decor:

  1. Vase + small bulbs + white spray painted tree branches + fairy lights
  2. Tree branch + stockings OR tree branch + Christmas ornaments
  3. Pinecones + glitter spray paint + vase or bowl
  4. Vase + fairy lights + bead garland
  5. Stackable gift boxes + favorite Christmas-y ribbon 
  6. Pine tree branches tied with ribbon and hung on the wall
  7. Vase + gold spray paint at the bottom half + tea light candles inside
  8. Painted mason jars with pine tree branches and berries sticking out

Feel free to comment down below if y'all need any in detail descriptions of how to make any of these! 😊