Yesterday it was a first-minute holiday gift guide for her, now it's time for him too! I don't know about y'all, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for guys. They never want or need anything... I really thought through this gift guide and even sent it to Landon for approval. 😂 He said the only thing he didn't like were the socks, but let's be real, every guy needs new socks in his stocking! Depending on what your guy, your brother, your dad, or your uncle are into - I think I've rounded up some pretty staple 'for him' gifts! 😊 You can click on any item in the photo to shop or shop the links down below!


1. Backpack

I have one of these and I take it everywhere! It's perfect for travel and has tons of different compartments for storage! It even has a padded pocket for your laptop.

2. Ray Bans

These sunglasses look good on everyone and they will last forever. Ray Bans are one of my favorite brands and such a classic staple!

3. UGG Slippers

Everyone loves comfy 'around the house' shoes and these are no different! They're a great gift for dad's!

4. J Crew Socks

Socks aren't the most glamorous gift, but J Crew has so many awesome socks. Everyone needs them, and they're a great stocking stuffer!

5. Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker

These things are amazing and the new ones are only $99! I know this is a 'for him' gift guide, but I'm definitely getting one of these for my mom!

6. Sugarfina Bourbon Gummy Bears

I'm really curious to try these. Another great stocking stuffer. I love the champagne and rosé gummies that Sugarfina has, so maybe these are the manly twist?

7. Fossil Watch

Fossil is an amazing classic brand. Their watches are clean cut and very affordable. I love this one!

8. Acqua Di Gio Cologne

This stuff smells AMAZING. One of my favorite male colognes out there. 

9. Whiskey

If they're into whiskey or any other kind of liquor, or even beer, a nice bottle or their favorite brand makes a great personal gift!

10. Crew Travel Kit

Every guy I know loves Crew. I love Christmas Value sets and guys tend to not buy this kind of stuff for themselves so this is a great gift!

11. Sneakers

Great gift for guys and girls. Especially if they're into working out!

12. Nike Sweatpants

Refer to above statement. Haha, great for working out, great for winter, great for lounging.

13. Nintendo Switch

My boyfriend is obsessed with his switch! These are so much fun. They have so many cool games that we love to play. This is a great gift for little tykes or guys who love to play video games!

14. Head Massager

This. Is. The. Best. Feeling. In. The. World. Have y'all ever used one!? Buy one for him, buy one for yourself. You will thank me. 

15. Monogram Glasses

These are a perfect gift for guys who enjoy drinking or wine or for a great house warming Christmas gift. 😊

16. Apple Watch

No explanation needed. I think everyone I know wants one of these things. Haha. If your guy is tech-y, this is the perfect gift!

17. Wallet

Everyone needs one! To add a personal touch you could get it monogrammed! (Can you tell I'm into monograms? 😂) I think it just adds that one extra thoughtful touch!

18. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

These are also good for guys who like to work out or even who like to listen to podcasts or music on the go. I'm constantly using headphones so I feel like these are very useful!

19. Patagonia Half Zip Pullover

These are so soft and such good quality! Definitely recommend for girls and guys!

So... This list is much shorter than my other one, haha, but I hope this gives y'all some ideas for first minute gifts! You could also give personalized scripture cards to guys in their stockings too! Anyone have any good ideas that I missed?! Comment them down below!