As I write this I'm in my favorite pj's with a blanket on and I'm still freezing... You'd think that growing up in Iowa would make me resilient to the cold- it didn't. 😂 It's currently 41 degrees outside so I think I'll just veto this day and stay in bed with Christmas movies and hot cocoa. 🙃 I can't wait to go to Dallas for Thanksgiving where it's warm... *urgently checks weather app to see if it's actually warm there- it is*

All this cold weather has me thinking about all the things I'm most excited about for the rest of fall and winter. I can't wait to go to the Christmas tree farm, drink hot cocoa, see all the Christmas lights, travel to see family, cozy up by the fire... The cold is the worst and best part of the season. It has me dreaming of all the comfort food, and all the comfy clothes- that's why today I'm curating my pajama guide! The second I get home every day in the winter I'm putting on comfy pajamas and slippers and grabbing a blanket, so I figured I'd do the search for y'all to find the cutest ones! These are also great for pajama party ideas.

Flannel Pajamas:

1. Flannel Girlfriend Pajamas: $59 (multiple colors)

2. The Flannel PJ Set: $54

3. The Thermal PJ Set: $54

4. J Crew Flannel Night Shirt Dress: $68

5. Flannel Joggers: $28 (mulitple colors)


1. Sleepyhead Thermal Nightshirt: $39

2. Downtown Sweatshirt: $35 (multiple colors)

3. Real Soft Long Sleeve Tee: $18 (multiple colors)

4. Plush Quarter Zip Tee: $25 (multiple colors, matching bottoms available)

5. Plush Sleep Skivvies: $12 (multiple colors, mix and match with real soft tees)

6. Calvin Klein Minimal Stripe PJ Set: $58

7. Plush Sleep Legging: $28 (can pair with quarter zip tee)

Satin/Silk Pajamas:

1. After Hours Satin Boxer PJ Set: $58 (multiple colors)

2. The After Hours Satin PJ Set: $72 (multiple colors)

3. Velvet Pajama Top: $48 | Matching Pants: $48 | Matching Shorts: $38