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5 Ways to Stay Motivated

Your girl gets in ruts just as easily as the next person. I just got back from a family vacation and you can imagine my disappointment that Nashville is as humid and as rainy as ever. I am a wake-up-early-get-things-done kind of girl but it has been a serious struggle to get out of bed before 9:30 because of the time difference. It's time to break out my fool proof plan for staying motivated. (A.k.a. my personal "get it together" list.)

Set goals. If you have something to work for you will be more motivated to get things done. I've been "starting a blog" for over a year now, but with no direction to go and no goals to reach for, my strides were aimless and disappointing. Setting goals will help you figure out what you want to accomplish and how to get there.

Get inspired. One word: Pinterest. Finding things I'm interested in doing already set up for me in a tidy step-by-step article or a perfectly snapped picture that catches my eye always gets my brain ticking for new ideas. I like to keep a "mood board" on Pinterest each month. It helps keep me focused and on track. And I mean, who doesn't love feeling like pinning things to your favorite board is productive. 

Create a routine. For me, routine is bliss. I am a planner, and when my days have routine, I feel at ease and organized. I like to listen to worship music while I drink my coffee and read my devotional every morning, then I head out for a quick workout. Even if you're not type A, you can achieve some type of routine. It can be as simple as taking ten minutes of alone time each morning to read and drink coffee. It doesn't have to be a play-by-play of every second of your day, just have something that works for you!

Seek accountability. Tell someone; your best friend, your boyfriend, your barista, anyone. If someone is asking about your goals and pushing you to reach them, it's not only more motivating, but other people get to enjoy your successes with you as well! A little encouragement goes a long way. It will also help to have people rooting for you when things get hard- which leads me to my final point.

Accept imperfection. Failure is a thing, it's going to happen and it's okay. Perfection isn't a thing. Even the most successful people didn't just wake up one day, decide they were going to do something, and then encountered no obstacles or failures along the way. Any time fear is crippling you to stop, to give up because it's not going the way you planned or because you don't want to fail and look stupid, whatever it may be, I encourage you to keep trying. Accept the hiccups. Failure is inevitable, giving up is not. You can do it. 

Love y'all!