A lot of you messaged me asking what you should get your significant others' parents for Christmas. Whether it be your husband, your boyfriend, your wife, or your girlfriend- shopping for someone else's parents isn't easy! My best advice is to ask your significant other what their parents like, or if you know them well, pick things that go with their personality and interests! My biggest advice is to always go with something personal and intentional! These are also great gifts for your parents as well! Let me know if y'all have any other ideas that I didn't think of! 

For moms:

I'm all about putting little packages together that compliment what she likes and also that all go together! This is personal and thoughtful. You can cater it to her interests - Does she like wine? Grab one of her favorite wines (if you don't know ask her husband or your boyfriend/husband!) and a wine bag. If she's into makeup, get her a gift set or the newest eyeshadow palette! Another great idea is to figure out what skincare she uses and see if it comes in a Christmas gift set. Add in some hand cream and a candle! Mom's are easy to shop for because it's easy to figure out their interests. They also love personal touches! If the gift is personal and thoughtful, I promise she will love it! Here are some ideas:

For dads:

I'll admit, dads are hard to shop for! They never want anything. Personal goes a long way with this one too! Gift cards are an obvious cop out if you really can't find ANYTHING, but here are some great ideas for dads!

The in-laws are ALWAYS going to say not to get them anything. The best thing you can do when in-law shopping is making it personal! It doesn't have to be extravagant, just make it thoughtful by putting a few of their favorite things together and wrapping it in a little gift set! I hope this helped y'all with some gift ideas for your significant other's parents!