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What to Wear On Valentine’s Day

Have a date or a significant other this year for Valentine’s day? I know it’s hyped up like New Years, but it’s so much fun to dress up and feel your best for your guy! I have endlessly scoured all of my favorite online shopping sites to share with y’all some of my favorite date night outfit ideas for Valentine’s Day! I have picked some casual outfits for a low-key night and also some dressy options for a fancy date! I even threw in some cute PJ’s if you and your date would rather have a movie night than brave the cold!

Casual Valentine’s Day Outfits:

Dressy Valentine’s Day Outfits:

The Perfect Date Night Heel:

Valentine’s Night-In Outfits:

Everything You Need For The Perfect Galentine's + Ways to Celebrate Your Friends on V-day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner! I am the worlds greatest procrastinator so one of my goals this year was to plan out my entire year in advance. Obviously I can’t plan for EVERYTHING, but this has been super helpful in getting me ready for every event, holiday, birthday, vacation, you name it. This year I wanted to make Valentine’s day not only about the amazing man in my life, but also about my girls and myself! Not everyone has a special someone in their life, and that’s okay, we still gonna have a blast ladies! I’m going to be sharing the perfect Galentine’s night in (and out) outfits, and everything you need to host the perfect Galentine’s Day party!

How to celebrate your bestie on valentines day:

  1. Snail mail! For me, a lot of my closest friends don’t live anywhere close to me, so this year I picked up some cute cards and wrote a personalized letter to all my girls!

  2. Girls day. Set up a girls day and go get your nails done, get a blowout, grab some brunch. You can treat your closest girlfriend, or you can make a day out of it and go with a group! A little QT is good for the heart.

  3. Jewelry. If your bestie is into gifts, pick her up a cute choker necklace or a pretty ring from a local shop. It doesn’t have to be diamonds, just get her something to remind her of how much you appreciate her friendship! If she’s not into gifts, just send her flowers or cookies at work! I personally LOVE surprises and I know a random pick-me-up always makes me feel loved!

  4. A book. If your friends like to read, gift them one of your favorite books! I have so many books that I’ve already read that I’m sure some of my friends would benefit from. Pick a book specifically tailored to whatever your friends are going through. If they’re struggling with being single, pick a book based on that. If they love a good laugh, pick one based on that! It just shows that you’re present in whatever place of life they might be in!

  5. PJ Party. When all else fails: PJs, junk food, and a good sappy movie. Aways does the trick! Throw a little Galentine’s Day party and make little goodie bags for everyone. Valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be about romantic love, but all the people in your life that love you and are there for you every day!

Galentine’s PJ Party

I have always wanted to host a Galentine’s PJ Party. Who wouldn’t want to get all their girlfriends together with ALL the junk food, ALL the comfy clothes, blast some classics, sing into some microphones, I mean forget the dress, expensive dinner and the uncomfortable heels, this sounds like my perfect night. 😂Here are some cute Galentine’s PJ’S that would be perfect for girls night in.


Who says you need a boyfriend to celebrate love! Ditch the pity party and endlessly scrolling through everyone’s perfectly curated and filtered date nights and take your girls out instead! Here are some perfect outfits for a V-Day GNO.

10 Movies To Watch On Valentines Day

  1. How to be Single

  2. Definitely Maybe (favorite of all time)

  3. The Notebook (obviously)

  4. The Proposal

  5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

  6. 500 Days of Summer

  7. Love Actually

  8. Valentine’s Day

  9. Me Before You (if you want to cry lol)

  10. Sweet Home Alabama

Galentine’s Party Decor