Skincare favs:

aLL OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE ONES THAT I personally buy, use and love!



To start, I take my makeup off every single day with the Simple Cleansing wipes. They’re hypoallergenic, don’t smell like anything, and don’t irritate my skin which is why I like them! They’re not as soft as the blue Neutrogena wipes that I know everyone loves (these) but I like them better because I felt like the Neutrogena ones broke me out because they were really conditioner-y. I know that’s a terrible explanation, but whatever. I like the simple ones better. Haha.

As far as face wash, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one, but these are my favorites that I’ve found so far!


Honestly such a good brand overall. Love a lot of their products. This face wash doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and smells lemon-y, which I personally love! (rating this one a 9/10!)

First aid beauty:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE First Aid Beauty. One of my favorite skincare brands. I like this face wash because it keeps my skin super clear, but can leave my skin feeling dry if I use too much to remove my makeup. (when I first started using it I would have to wash my face twice). With this one I would recommend removing your makeup first and then using this after! Great for super oily skin. (Rating this one an 8/10!)


This is the perfect staple cleanser. Gentle and does a great job of getting everything off your face! This one is my go-to forever, every day cleanser. (rating this one an 8/10!)


I’m only sharing one with y’all because this daily exfoliator changed. The. Game. I mean, CHANGED my skin texture, breakouts, everything. I use this every single day and I won’t live without it ever again. Sounds dramatic, but it’s that good. It’s gentle, not drying at all, and it removes all of the dead skin (gross) off my face. It smells a little bit like rice because it’s rice based, but otherwise has no smell. It comes in a powder that you activate into a paste with a little bit of water. I try to just put a tiny drop of water to make it super exfoliating, and then I add a little more water to make it foam up after I’ve massaged my skin for awhile. It’s amazing. Please at least try the travel size, you won’t be disappointed!



This stuff is a heaven send. It’s only $15 and is the perfect, lightweight, every day moisturizer. It’s hypoallergenic, has no smell, and is made for people with eczema. It is a little on the greasy side when you apply it, but I promise it soaks right into your skin. This does the best at not breaking me out or irritating my skin!

First aid beauty:

This is another game changer for me. One of my favorite moisturizers of all time. Always have a bottle!

It cosmetics:

Been in love with this brand ever since one of my makeup artists used it on me when they first launched. Best skincare, makeup and brushes. Overall a 10/10 line! This cream is super hydrating, thick, and smells great! Perfect for a night cream.

Perricone md:

I got this for Christmas one year and got hooked on it. It’s the color and consistency of calamine lotion, which was super weird and off-putting at first, but this moisturizer did WONDERS for my skin. It’s light, again a little greasy upon applying, but soaks in. Leaves my skin feeling baby soft, bright, and clear! This one is pricey, but worth it to me!


Love this brand. This moisturizer is great for the morning because it has an energy boosting effect! It smells amazing, too. This one is the same consistency as the It Cosmetics one, so a little thicker!


For zits:

Never had a zit that this stuff can’t beat. Only place it on blemishes that have surfaced, if it’s under the surface this will just clog the pore more! This does wonders. Also, don’t pick at your skin! I’m notorious for doing this and it just makes things ten times worse. Leave it alone and it will heal!

serum that i CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT:

This stuff is pricey, but life changing.

Eye cream:

I don’t need super strong eye cream yet (thank you Jesus) but I’m sure I will as I get older. These two are my favorite! They both smell great!